How do you get wrinkles out of linen sheets or linen clothing?

In addition to being beautiful, linen is moth-resistant, repels dirt and wicks perspiration away from the skin. But as everyone knows, linen wrinkles easily.There is a simple equation that can cause wrinkles on any fabric: fold + movement + pressure = wrinkles. Flax is particularly susceptible to this because of the way it is woven.
The 3 easiest ways to get rid of linen wrinkles
● When washing clothes, please remove the linen clothes from the washer/dryer immediately. The longer they put it aside, the more they wrinkle. In fact, just take it out and rub it still slightly damp, and then lay it flat to finish drying.Wash the linens only in cold water, and then only dry them or use a drying rack (or lay them flat on a clean light). This should minimize shrinkage to 5% or less.
● A garment ironing machine can miraculously remove wrinkles from most garments, not just linen items. Whenever I go on business or vacation, I would suggest to bring this travel steam iron.
● Spray and stretch can work on hard wrinkles and curled areas of linen (such as collars or button plackets). Put the item on the hanger, spray the wrinkles with a kettle, and then gently adjust/stretch/process the fabric until it hangs without wrinkles and let it dry.
just embrace that wrinkle life, girl!