how often should you wash bed linen?

Each and every week, most of us spend approximately 49 to 60+ hours sleeping in our beds. That’s a lot of time to get the rest our bodies need to thrive, but it’s also ample time to build up dirt, sweat, oil, and other gunk on our linen sheets and linen bedding.
Proper hygiene is important in all areas of life. When it comes to our linen bedding, it’s perhaps more important than you might think.

The linen sheets should be cleaned and replaced every 7-10 days. The cleaned linen sheets are best placed in the sun and placed in a dry place to completely kill the mites parasitic on the sheets.In addition, the pillow core should be cleaned and replaced in time. Studies have found that pillows that have been used for more than one and a half years will contain 4-17 kinds of fungi. As time goes by, fungi and dander will also increase. Pillows that have not been replaced for a long time contain a large number of mites and bacteria. People will feel itchy skin after contact with them. In addition, saliva and sweat from people during sleep, as well as dust and dander on the head, will penetrate Pillow core, which can also lead to the breeding of dust mites and bacteria, which can lead to allergic diseases. In order to avoid the above situation, ordinary families need to clean the linen pillowcase and pillow towel every week to two weeks, and the pillow core every 3 months.
Linen sheets will become softer as the number of washings increases