How to care for linen clothing

Natural flax fabrics are less anti-wrinkle, but the random wrinkles are exactly the temperament of flax.

● Linen care needs to be sprayed with water vapor locally to avoid corrosion and damage caused by acid liquid on the linen clothing.
● Be sure not to touch acidic substances. Flax is a plant fiber and is very sensitive to acid. Acid is extremely destructive to plant fibers and can easily burn clothes.
● Always wash you linens clothing, don’t overload the washing machine, don’t mixed with some other cloths, over stressing or excessive abrasion may damage or cause tearing to your linen clothing.Do not use chlorine bleach. Chlorine-based bleaching agents will damage the fabric. Use ordinary laundry detergent.
● he highest washing temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, a gentle washing procedure, wash separately from dark or sensitive colors, wash the reverse side, do not soak
● Professional dry cleaning is not possible, but it can be washed in a washing machine, but cold water must be used
● Never keep it directly in the drum of your machine to avoid concentration that would cause discoloration or white stains.
● Do not twist with force after washing
● Same precaution is advisable while drying them in electric dryer.
● Wash the linen clothing, dry it, and dry it after ironing. To be stacked flat. Avoid dampness, sultry heat, and no ventilation when retracting, and keep the wardrobe clean.