How to distinguish the authenticity of linen

1) Through light inspection, check whether the thickness of the warp and weft is uniform. If the warp and weft are too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.
(2) Check the tightness of the weaving by tightening the pattern.
(3) The high-quality primary color linen is brown, shiny, and even absorbing water. The linen is not good in quality, and the linen that has been processed into soft fibers has uneven water absorption and will turn black when wet.
(4) Outer worsted linen, the less fluff on the surface, the better.
(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of the semi-linen cloth is different.
(6) Pull a thread, if there is bending and splitting at both ends, the thread is cotton thread. The two ends of the torn linen thread should be smooth, otherwise it is not pure.
(7) If the caustic soda water is applied to the canvas, the linen will appear brownish yellow, and the cotton cloth will appear light yellow.