Linen Vs Cotton Sheets

Linen and cotton have always been used to make bedding materials, and they are widely selected for their multi-functional characteristics. However, compared to cotton, linen is more functional. This is why linen has always been a special fabric for the European royal family. A relatively high-end fabric product

According to research conducted by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent bedsores in bedridden patients for a long time. Linen cloth can absorb water equivalent to 20% of its own weight, and at the same time, it can quickly release the absorbed water, and it can keep dry no matter how much sweat is given. Flax can reduce inflammation and prevent fever. Linen sheets are suitable for all seasons. It has strong water absorption. Its water absorption speed is 4 times that of cotton. It also has very good quick-drying. It rarely makes people feel wet in summer. It is very hygienic, strong and durable. It is the strongest among natural fibers
Now more and more people choose linen products, the use of linen has many benefits. First of all, bed sheets and bedding have an important influence on the quality of sleep, which is related to the health of the human body. The good natural materials and characteristics of linen sheets can make you feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer! The good breathability of linen can quickly relieve The overheated skin temperature restores the comfort of the human body. If the human body's own temperature is too low, flax has excellent sweat absorption, breathability, antibacterial, anti-static functions, and it does not stick to the skin, and feels soft. "Queen" and "Natural Air Conditioner" and other reputations. High-quality linen sheets can be used for about 10 years. At room temperature, the actual temperature of linen sheets contacting the skin can drop by 4℃~8℃, and it can also emit a light fragrance, which can inhibit The growth and reproduction of bacteria also has the health care effect of reducing blood pressure and soothing the nerves. It is suitable for the elderly, women and children. The most unique feature of linen sheets is that they are comfortable and soft, so they can be washed with confidence, and can also be folded at will, which is easy to store.