The Difference Between Linen and Cotton

Linen and cotton are commonly used as fabrics for bedding and clothing, and both are known for their versatility and ability to absorb moisture well. But there are also obvious differences between the two.
The strongest linen among natural fibers, the strength is 2-3 times that of cotton. After washing, it will produce a faded natural fabric feel, which becomes softer the more you use it.
Both flax and cotton have the effect of keeping warm, but flax can keep you cool during the hot summer period. It is called "natural air conditioner".
Linen is hypoallergenic, so linen bedding and towels are a perfect option for anyone with sensitive skin, conditions such as dermatitis, or suffering from common allergies. The material is highly breathable and moisture-wicking so it doesn't let bacteria and germs build up.