What color is linen

The natural color of flax is the appearance and luster given to it by nature. Therefore, the primary color linen is what we generally call linen-colored linen, which mainly means that it retains the most original color of linen very well, and has the natural color of linen without being bleached or dyed. This is the greenest and environmentally friendly of all flax. Yulu linen fabric is one of the primary colors of linen, and it is also the most advanced and precious one.

White linen is mainly produced by bleaching and mercerizing the linen. The advantage of this white linen is that it is softer, smoother, whiter and more elastic than the original color linen.
No matter what color linen, because of its fine and clean surface, soft and elastic feel, cool and comfortable wearing, sweating and not close to the body, it has become a variety of summer clothing, home life fabrics, such as outerwear, shirts, curtains , Sofa and so on.